Welcome to May Faire Treasure!

We are always on the lookout for ‘treasures’ in our travels. Treasures are quite unique and different for each individual, certainly based on each person’s own sense of style and purpose. Whether Vintage or New, Antique or Current, old-fashioned or the latest, hippest ‘thing’, Lost & then Found, these are the things we are always interested in ‘finding’, sometimes purchasing and sometimes selling.

While treasure is most often defined as a precious or valuable object, many of our greatest treasures are our regards for other people and our memories!

This Week’s Treasure ~

Take a look at these fabulous, friendly Solar Dancing Daisies! Each Dancing Flower comes in a flower pot of Red, Yellow, Pink or Blue and make excellent Family or Corporate Gifts!

Best of all, they need no water, no fertilizer and no batteries! The Leaves and Flower/Stem begin to Sway & Dance in Home/Office Fluorescent Light or Sunlight. Perk up your office, workspace, or cubicle; at home a desk, shelf or windowsill. Very entertaining! These are not toys; entertaining decoration only. Check these out! Simply click on the color flower image below to order one for yourself! Note: BLUE is currently out of stock.

Yellow Solar Dancing Flower/    Red Solar Dancing Flower/    Blue Solar Dancing Flower/    Pink Solar Dancing Flower/

Bookmark us and check back often for more treasures!

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